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Brisbane The River City

The city of Brisbane on Queensland's east coast of Australia is a fantastic place to visit. The weather is consistantly beautiful, the river provides energy to an economically strong and growing population and the city has everything in it that residents or visitors could possibly want.

Having travelled the world i believe Brisbane offers the vibrancy to rival Seattle, the climate better than LA, the visual beauty of San Francisco, a culinary range that aspires to Paris and a positive economic future that is not far behind Silicon Valley.

Brisbane is an alfresco city, where every opportunity is taken to spend time outdoors. Walking,biking,dining,running,playing sport and barbecuing as close to the river as you can get.

The Emporium Hotel,Brisbane Review

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Emporium Hotel
1000 Ann St., Fortitude Valley, Brisbane 4006, Australia

Lots of after-work hangouts within the Emporium Complex
Big and comfortable room

Inconvenient location for business travelers
Very expensive Internet service
Small work desk

The Emporium had a lot of excellent reviews online so I asked my secretary to book me at this hotel last month when I had to travel to Brisbane for business. Of course, I had a lot of high expectations from the hotel’s facilities to the quality of service which unfortunately, were not all met. It was a good stay however; let me tell you why it failed to get my 5 stars.

First of all, it is not located within the central business district. Perhaps it was also my mistake to book myself here when I already knew that it would be inconvenient for me to travel back and forth to the city. It would have been fine and tolerable if it were not too difficult to get a cab, especially on a rainy day. Unlucky for me, it rained for the entire three days of my stay. I was frequently late for meetings so I really found the location quite a hassle.

I had no problems with the room and the room amenities. The bed was big and comfortable. I found the kitchenette and laundry equipment very useful. The bathroom was also spacious and had all the basic bath products. My only problem was the work desk which was really tiny. I had a lot of paper work plus I had my computer and they could not all fit into the desk so I had to place everything on the bed, which was not ideal,realistically catering for business travellers they must focus more attention on space useage.

Another thing that turned me off was the very expensive Internet service. I think charging $20 per day for Internet was way too much but I had no choice but to subscribe to it since I needed it to finish some urgent work.

The best thing about the Emporium in my opinion would be its proximity to cafes and restaurants which became my everyday hangout after a tiring day at work.

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