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Brisbane The River City

The city of Brisbane on Queensland's east coast of Australia is a fantastic place to visit. The weather is consistantly beautiful, the river provides energy to an economically strong and growing population and the city has everything in it that residents or visitors could possibly want.

Having travelled the world i believe Brisbane offers the vibrancy to rival Seattle, the climate better than LA, the visual beauty of San Francisco, a culinary range that aspires to Paris and a positive economic future that is not far behind Silicon Valley.

Brisbane is an alfresco city, where every opportunity is taken to spend time outdoors. Walking,biking,dining,running,playing sport and barbecuing as close to the river as you can get.

Hilton Brisbane-Elizabeth Street

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Hilton Brisbane
190 Elizabeth St, Brisbane 4001, Australia

Good location
Comfortable beds

Very expensive Internet service
Noisy because of the ongoing renovation

I have just recently stayed at the Hilton Brisbane a month ago and I was a little bit disappointed not just with the service but also with the hotel facility itself. The ongoing renovation and improvement of its facilities cause disturbance and noise to the hotel guests,which i wasn’t aware of until i arrived. I for one was not able to sleep soundly for the entire three nights of my stay. No matter how comfortable and soft the bed was, I stayed half awake because of the noise. I do not think that it was up to a 4-star level of hotel service.

Also, despite the renovation, I found the rooms quite lacking in some features. The bed and the sheets were top class, but the wardrobe and desk were too small to be efficient and the TV had very limited channels. There was no free internet access and the paid Internet service cost me a huge $30 per day! I definitely do not think it is fair especially that it wasn’t even a fast and smooth connection in the first place. Skype calls were impossible and video streaming took years to load. I probably consumed only 6 hours of surfing for the entire amount!

The Hilton Brisbane is only 25 minutes away from the airport by cab and a close walk to the St. Stephen Cathedral, Brisbane river and the popular malls like David Jones, Myers, Harvey Norman, JB Hi Fi, and Big W. I stayed at these malls more often than I did in my room due to the reno noise.

Customer Service was average. I didn’t feel any extra special treatment. Hotel rooms and facilities were disappointing. Overall, I’d rate the Hilton Brisbane a star lower than its standards.

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