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Brisbane The River City

The city of Brisbane on Queensland's east coast of Australia is a fantastic place to visit. The weather is consistantly beautiful, the river provides energy to an economically strong and growing population and the city has everything in it that residents or visitors could possibly want.

Having travelled the world i believe Brisbane offers the vibrancy to rival Seattle, the climate better than LA, the visual beauty of San Francisco, a culinary range that aspires to Paris and a positive economic future that is not far behind Silicon Valley.

Brisbane is an alfresco city, where every opportunity is taken to spend time outdoors. Walking,biking,dining,running,playing sport and barbecuing as close to the river as you can get.

Sofitel Brisbane Central

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Sofitel Brisbane Central
249 Turbot Street, Brisbane 4000, Australia

Convenient Location
Comfortable beds

Expensive food and services
Poor soundproofing

I was in Brisbane for a couple of days on business and I stayed at the Sofitel Central. Although the room was quite expensive being Sofitel, I chose this hotel primarily for its convenient location within Brisbane’s central business district. My company’s office is located by the Central Rail Station so the hotel is easily accessible.

The room was spacious but not impressive. It had a comfortable bed, a TV set and an average bathroom with all the basic amenities. I was offered to upgrade but refused to add on cost though I have heard that Club Sofitel guests experience better service and a more pleasurable stay. I was not on a luxury holiday. Then again, I realized that I should have probably accepted it since I was not able to sleep during the night. The bed was soft and sleep-worthy but I could not stand the noise of the cars and motorbikes wandering around the neighborhood until the wee hours of the morning. Since the hotel is on the roadside I think Sofitel should invest more on a better soundproofing system for their rooms, especially on the lower floors. Regardless if I was on Club Sofitel or not, I think it is just fair to treat every customer with the same 5-star standard that Sofitel brags about.

Anyway, their buffet breakfast was amazing and had a lot of food choices. This was good because I needed the energy and inspitarion before going to work every morning(BTW if you are like me, you come up with your best ideas when contemplating projects and challenges over a good hotel breakfast). I was pleased with the breakfast but found dinner (room service) slightly pricey. I only ordered once and looked for a cheaper alternative outside of the hotel on my second night. I just didn’t think it was practical.

Overall, my stay at the Sofitel Brisbane Central was good but it has a lot more work to do to meet my highest hotel standards.

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