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Brisbane The River City

The city of Brisbane on Queensland's east coast of Australia is a fantastic place to visit. The weather is consistantly beautiful, the river provides energy to an economically strong and growing population and the city has everything in it that residents or visitors could possibly want.

Having travelled the world i believe Brisbane offers the vibrancy to rival Seattle, the climate better than LA, the visual beauty of San Francisco, a culinary range that aspires to Paris and a positive economic future that is not far behind Silicon Valley.

Brisbane is an alfresco city, where every opportunity is taken to spend time outdoors. Walking,biking,dining,running,playing sport and barbecuing as close to the river as you can get.

Woodford Festival

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The 25th Woodford Festival is just around the corner, one of the great brisbane things to do of the year, Woodford being located a 90 minute drive north west of Brisbane and 40 minutes from the Sunshine Coast. This years renewal will feature over 3000 performers,entertainers,comedians,artists, society intellectuals and even 2 former prime ministers. The festival goes from monday to saturday from December 27 to New Years day. Projected numbers of audience are around 130,000 people. The big name highlights of the Musical side include Katie Noonan and the Captains, Kate Miller-Heidke and The Cat Empire as well as Blue King Brown, Tim Freedman, Archie Roach, Mama Kin, Jeff Lang, Lior, Microwave Jenny, Dubmarine, Felix and The Phoenix, Hermitude, Marshall and The Fro, Cumbia Cosmonauts, The Barons of Tang, Basement Birds, The Break, TinPan Orange, Vika and Linda Bull, Christa Hughes and The Honkytonk Shonks, Flap!, Tijuana Cartel, Drawn from Bees, The Chemist, Leah Flanagan, kooii, Laneous and The Family Yah, Radical Son, Jackie Marshall, That 1 Guy, The Little Stevies, Shane Howard and his Band, Yeshe and You Am I.

Arrested Development and The Dynamites will be over from the States as well as large contingent of European bands including Katzenjammer. The event is sure to be huge fun and a great place to bring in the new year, for more information go to www.woodfordfolkfestival.com

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