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Brisbane The River City

The city of Brisbane on Queensland's east coast of Australia is a fantastic place to visit. The weather is consistantly beautiful, the river provides energy to an economically strong and growing population and the city has everything in it that residents or visitors could possibly want.

Having travelled the world i believe Brisbane offers the vibrancy to rival Seattle, the climate better than LA, the visual beauty of San Francisco, a culinary range that aspires to Paris and a positive economic future that is not far behind Silicon Valley.

Brisbane is an alfresco city, where every opportunity is taken to spend time outdoors. Walking,biking,dining,running,playing sport and barbecuing as close to the river as you can get.

Wellington Apartments-192 Wellington Road,Brisbane

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Wellington Apartments
192 Wellington Road, Brisbane, Australia

Excellent location
Secure car park
Helpful and friendly staff

Expensive Internet Service
Lack of kitchen tools and facilities
Noisy neighborhood

I was assigned to oversee a two-month project in Brisbane and I needed an apartment-style hotel for extra space,convenience and self catering. The Wellington was a recommendation from a former colleague so I made arrangements to stay there for the entire duration of the project. The location was not far from the central business district and was highly accessible via public transport. Although I brought my car with me, it was still nice to know that the buses were just nearby whenever I wanted to avoid driving, especially as the Brisbane one way system can have you tearing your hair out it is so confusing(friends who live in Brisbane agree). Their parking lot was also a great facility with 24 hour security.

My room was facing the front of the hotel (and traffic) so it was a little bit noisy. The bed was comfortable but the traffic noise was an issue that took getting used to. I had to ask for earplugs the following morning to help me get through the rest of the days of my stay.

Beyond the street noise i encountered a few other things that I did not like about this apartment including the very expensive Internet service and very inefficient kitchenette. The mini kitchen did not even have the basic cooking tools and cutlery so how is it usable for guests like me? It does not even have a toaster. This was really disappointing as the main reason to book the wellington was for easy self catering. But, these things aside, the Wellington is still good value for money. If they reduced the internet access price and stocked the kitchen better($100 would go a long way!) i would be happy to return to The Wellington Apartments, despite the street noise.

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